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We all know and love Bleach and the shinigami in it, but we often forget just WHERE the whole story started: Karakura! That place and its citizens deserve major love and we're here to give it to them! Anything pertaining to any of the Karakura residents (and yes, even the visitors) can be found here, be it random conversation topics, icons, fanworks, or news.

Maintainer: starswing
Moderator: dodgeroll
Moderator: dbnext

1. There is to be no bashing of anyone here or their opinions. If you have something rude to say, take it elsewhere.
2. Please put all spoilers, large pictures, and written works behind an LJ-cut.
3. Listen to your mods. They're mods for a reason and they have powers. Straaaange powers. >.>
4. Love thy Karakura peeps!


12th_division- 12th Division love; feel it, for it is sharp like scalpels.
asterisk_plus- For the crack pairing fan. You know you love it.
blademypride- Kurosaki Ichigo fans; jailbait never looked so hot.
bleach_exchange- Bleach Secret Santa; taking Death and decking it with holly. Or giving it cupid wings.
bleach_liners- Weekly themed writing/art community!
brain_breakage- Writing community with How-to challenges guaranteed to hurt your brain like whoa.
death_n_berry- Writing community with prompts based on chapter titles. <3
division_11- 11th Division love at its most destructive best.
ichi_ruki- Ichigo/Rukia; nothing's cuter than Strawberry-flavored Death.
ikkanemu- Ikkaku/Nemu; it's an experiment of lucky love.
ken_yachiru- Kenpachi/Yachiru; their love is just that adorably violent.
locked_death- Bleach Battle RPG; do you have what it takes to win?
ren_tatsu- Renji/Tatsuki; punks deserve love, too!
sanbantaichou- Ichimaru Gin fans; my, what squinty eyes you have!
tobiume_- Hinamori Momo fans; peaches and plums make a good combo.
tough_lovin- Ichigo/Tatsuki; childhood friends turned something more.
yorusoi- Yoruichi/Soi Fong; because hot female ninja love is teh SMEX.
yo_ur- Urahara/Yoruichi; The Cat and the Hat.

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