because i get lonely, i breathe with you。 (euphoriant) wrote in karakura_chaos,
because i get lonely, i breathe with you。

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, voluntary. A time you take to let off all your worries and just take a breather.

But... If that is so, then what's going on?

Welcome to Enlever Town, where you're just a number and another pretty face. People tell you that you came here to take a vacation, but this doesn't seem like a vacation at all. Surrounded by thousands of strangers, and taken out of your world, you were brought here to be someone's toy. You are no longer in charge of your life, and no matter how many times you ask what is going on, the answers will all be the same.

"Oh? Are you not happy, do you not enjoy your vacation~? Host wants you to enjoy your vacation."

"You poor thing, you must be stressed! Why don't you relax and let us soothe your worries? ♥"

But there's something strange going on here, starting with the fact that you don't recall even coming to this town in the first place. However, anyone can see the answer; you didn't come here, you were brought here. Will you be able to uncover the secret beneath this cursed town and break down its borders, or will you be stuck in this cursed town for rest of your life?

enlevement is a recently opened Pan-Fandom RPG. We are looking for characters from every single fandom you can think of, and then some.

The RP is currently CLOSED and will open on May 31st. Applications and Reserves are currently OPEN.

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We need more Bleach characters here, seriously. There isn't enough crazy and unnecessary destruction here. <3
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